Monday, July 5, 2010

Kate Bosworth

Take note: Something about Kate Bosworth's style is so young and fresh to me. She always seems to have the perfect outfit for whatever occasion...something that typically requires an extensive wardrobe, but seems so effortless for her.

photo source: justjared

Lady Gaga, as this generation's queen of pop, is the world's current pop culture obsession. I was delighted to take a look at a few pictures of what was rumored to be her house. The design is so fluid and definitely my style...but it seems a bit vanilla of Miss Gaga.

On the other hand, Beyonce's under-the-radar sister Solange's home is funky, warm, and definitely stylish. I like her eclectic taste...definitely not something I was expecting from Solange. It was featured on Refinery 29...enough said.

Today is one of those days that I'm thanking fate for giving me a job...I have such a strong urge to go buy some new makeup!

One product I want to try:

Nars The Multiple in Orgasm or Lamu, $38,

I really want to try out a nice color on my face that isn't the typical bronze...something more peachy or warm like apricot for a nice summery glow. Especially with my naturally darker skin, I like being able to wear colors on my cheeks that aren't necessarily pink.

Zoe Saldana anyone?